Thursday, December 15, 2005

Our first Christmas Tree

We moved into our house in '99 and we never had a christmas tree. We used to decorate the side of the stairs before this year but now i wanted a christmas tree so here it is. It's not a real one since we have no place to put it after the christmas time is gone. I'm so happy with it, not only me but see the kitty's sitting by the tree. They like it also.

I finished the Jaywalkers (thank god). They fit and i actually wore them yesterday when we had to go to the hospital to have Joey checked for his upcoming surgery (he needs new tubes in his ears). The woman sitting next to me said, nice socks you have on. She was amazed when i said that i made them myself.

I don't know what yarn it is anymore since it was in my stash for a long time but never knew what to do with it before. With the leftovers i'm going to make some little socks for joey.
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